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> Overview

On the fast track with innovative automation


We are a full range supplier for innovative industry automation.


If desired, we develop, together with our customers, specific automation and drive solutions for process engineering, special machine construction and environmental technology.


A one-stop shop saves costs and time, right the way through from tendering, by way of design and then production, to commissioning.


You will find an overview of our services on the left.



> Design


Design forms the basis of quality-minded technical configuration and production of switchgear. The DIN/EN standard reference for electrical engineering, complying with environmental protection legislation, as well as the observance and application of general health and safety behaviour requirements and standards are a top priority.


Our first-rate engineering team will support you in the selection of components for:


- Control engineering

- Measurement and control technology

- Drive technology

- Low-voltage distribution systems up to 1000 V

- Medium-voltage distribution systems up to 30 kV


> Programming


We create PLC user programs that are specially tailored to our customers. With well-established control systems from renowned manufacturers such as Siemens, Rexroth, AEG, Schneider and Rockwell, we can satisfy most customer requests.


Programming is carried out in accordance with IEC 61131-3 in FBD, LAD, IL or SCL for the following systems:


- Siemens: SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300, S7-400/S5, PCS7

- Schneider: Premium, Quantum, Momentum

- AEG: Modicon

- Rockwell Automation: Allen-Bradley


Fieldbus systems

At the fieldbus level, we use current and reliable systems such as ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Interbus-S, ModBus, CanBus and DeviceNet.



For networking with primary controls and host computers, we mostly use industrial Ethernet via TCP/IP.


Kuka and ABB robot systems

We have trained personnel for programming, commissioning and maintenance as well as for adjustments to primary controls and integration into safety systems.


Drive systems

The programming of the drive system is carried out using specific

 manufacturer tools. It comprises the parameterisation of the basic data, the reference value sources for the reference variables, the adaptation of a wide range of position sensors to the drive units, both for AC and DC operation.


> Visualisation


Visualisation forms the link between man and machine. Visualisation of the system process allows the user to observe the processes remotely or to influence them within predetermined limits by means of keyboard inputs. Concise fault notifications supply comprehensive information and allow faults to be traced back to their origin.


 The following systems are supported:

- Process control systems and user interfaces (WinCC, WinCCFlexible, ProTool/Pro, GraphPic; PCS7, InTouch, Xenon, VisiWin, Visual Energy)

- Machine data acquisition and production data acquisition systems (MDA, PDA)

- Energy data acquisition and management

- Distinct visualisation software for smaller applications

- SQL databases for recipe and order management and logging process parameters

- Product tracking and batch management


> Switchgear Manufacture


We have modern equipment for the production of switchgear, both for CU processing and for processing sheet metal.


We produce the following in our own switchgear workshop:

- Switchgear with partially type-tested components for

 control processes

- Type-tested power distribution systems to 1000 V/4000 A

- Inductive reactive power compensation unit


In order to guarantee a consistent production quality level, all production documents from quality management are checked and approved. A newly constructed electronic warehousing system enables timely access to components for installation, both for consigned material, auxiliary materials and tools.


High demands are placed on the production testing criteria. Particular importance is accorded to the withstand voltage, the measurement of the insulation resistance, the earthing measures and the EMC-compliant construction of the system.

 The test reports provide information about the level of quality achieved.


> Assembly


Our employees carry out installations in close cooperation with long-standing reliable partners in the installation sector, though they also sometimes carry out installations themselves, particularly when external EMC sources may have damaging effects.


The main focuses are:

- Electrical installation work for special machines

- Site management and logistics

- Coordination of subcontractor


> Commissioning


With commissioning comes the last, and yet also the most important quality stage. Here, functional technology combines with intelligent programming to form a single entity. Only those who master both can count on a high level of customer satisfaction.


The main focuses are:

- Factory commissioning/signal test/preliminary acceptance

- Manual commissioning after installation has been completed

- Cold test run/performance tests under operating conditions

- Optimisation of the procedure processes

- Acceptance and handover


> Documentation


Quality-minded documentation is a prerequisite for the future care and maintenance of the systems. It documents the production status right up to the latest modification. When managed correctly, it can become a future log book.


Our documentation contains the following main elements:

- Drawings are produced to customer specifications using the ELCAD, EPLAN or WSCAD CAD systems

- We use AutoCAD for machine components


Complete documentation can contain the following documents, depending on customer requirements:


- Circuit diagram, schematic diagram, terminal connection diagram, cable diagram

- Cable list, parts list, spare parts list

- Operating manuals, maintenance instructions

- Device-specific documents, manufacturer certifications

- Test records and software

- Routine test certificates and prototype tests on request


> Maintenance and Service


If you have any problems, please ask us - we will give you fast and effective help.


We offer competent service for all aspects of the construction of your switchgear, from design through to the point where your system is ready to be handed over, likewise for on-site support for troubleshooting, both in hardware controls and in PLC-controlled systems.


We have an excellent technical team who will be happy to advise you.




> Training Courses


We conduct training courses for the operating and maintenance personnel of systems that we have designed.


Independently of that, we offer PLC training courses for learning STEP7 or IEC 61131-3 programming technology. Our new technology cabinet will support you with technical richness in process and systems engineering, control engineering and servo-axis control based on the motion functions with IndraDrive and Simodrive drive technology.


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